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Uniquely Glasgow

  • Tigers, gingers, bagpipes, drums and drams. What more do you want!

  • Great people. Beautiful scenery. Non-deadly animals. Amazing architecture.

  • Delectable spirits (whisky and gin in particular). Quirky differences. Every day is a school day.

Glasgow's Autumn Colours

  • One week it was green and then it was red. Like something out of War of the Worlds.

  • Glasgow certainly has four seasons. We arrived in Autumn, in mid-September 2016.

  • It got more spectacular as the days went on. All the way to Winter. When the days got shorter but no less beautiful.

Glasgow's River Clyde

  • There are 21 bridges running across the River Clyde, all within easy walking distance of Glasgow City.

  • Foot bridges, suspension bridges, railway bridges and general traffic bridges.

  • Most of the bridges are between the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) and Glasgow Green. Further down the way is the Clyde Tunnel that runs right under the River.

Glasgow in Winter

  • Even though Glasgow shares its latitude with Canada and Moscow, it's climate is a lot milder than the rest of Scotland.

  • Winter of 2016-17 saw early snow but milder temperatures throughout. Winter 2017-18 was long and full of snow days.

  • Actually, Glasgow and many parts of Scotland saw some of the warmest and mildest temperatures recorded in nearly 100 years in 2016. Summer 2018 was one of the hottest in recent history.

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