Moving to Scotland from Australia


On 1 January 2016, we were reflecting on our achievements and memories from 2015 and considering our New Year’s resolutions. We had always dreamed of living in the UK. We had even bought 100 square feet of land in Scotland several years before as a conservation activity. We had two children still at home, the oldest turning 18 in January 2017. It was now or never. We were going to move overseas.

In Australia

We currently live on the world's largest island - Australia.

We're about to move to the UK. A country on the other side of the world.

We're experienced at moving within Australia. We've visited or lived in every state and territory. We relocated from one end of Queensland to the other - from Cairns to Brisbane. We also moved between Brisbane, Queensland and Canberra, Australian Capital Territory several times.

We've traveled overseas, including to Thailand and the US several times; and twice to New York City. But we've never actually traveled to Europe or the UK.

So now we're moving to the UK. Permanently. Sight unseen. We'll be moving nearly 16,500km (10,250 miles) as the crow flies from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia to Glasgow, Scotland.

We have the opportunity with the UK Ancestry Visa to move to the UK and live and work there for 5 years or longer; after which time we can apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain and a year later, British Citizenship.

We can then be dual Australian-UK citizens and enjoy the benefit of being able to work and travel without time limits and ridiculous flight costs from Down Under to the rest of the world.

Scotland here we come.

** Update - September 2018 **

We have just celebrated our two year anniversary in the UK by driving nearly 3,000 miles (about 5,000 kilometres) around Scotland and England.

We took two one-week road trips with a two-day gap in between. First, we did the North Coast 500 - Scotland’s equivalent to America’s Route 66. Second, we toured down the West Coast of Scotland and England down to North Cornwall and then back via Oxford and Nottingham, criss-crossing between mountain ranges.

We are loving living in Scotland. Glasgow has been good to us. Three more years and we will be applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (permanent residency). A year after that we can apply for UK citizenship and become dual Australian/British citizens.